Rediscovered A Classic and More!

Hi all!

As you probably know, I am always searching for opportunities to license my music to film and TV productions as well major artists. In response to a call for an old-style R&B tune, I searched my archives for Only In The Dark, a classic, Barry White-style love song. I recorded it 17 years ago in my original studio in Massachusetts before I moved to California. I was a novice audio engineer at that time yet managed to write and record this tune with the help of a lyricist, Lila Rose, and a great singer, Leon Beal.

However, there was a fatal flaw in the lead vocal performance, three very prominent off-pitch notes that I was not able to correct at the time because I didn't notice them. When I eventually realized the problem, I no longer had the original session files or access to the singer, so couldn't fix it. Last week, I discovered that with the technology available in my studio today, I was able to surgically and seamlessly bring the errant notes into proper pitch. Now, the tune sounds just about perfect. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Locked Up, my amusing song about coping with the pandemic is getting better all the time. I added some horns to this rocking song and it sounds great. I hired some well-know brass players from New Orleans to perform those parts and they are busy doing that right now. I can't wait to hear what they come up with. As usual with session musicians, I have them play the parts I wrote as well as create and record their own version. No surprise, but their versions are usually better than mine. I play a lot of instruments, but I can't know the intricacies of all of them, especially brass. The only time I tried to play brass was when I took a few saxophone lessons in sixth grade. The only think I got out the sax was gobs of spit that I poured into it. LOL!

Well, that's it for now. Stay tune for more cool stuff!

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