Coming Back!

I guess it's about time I resumed posting here. I get a fair amount of traffic to this site, so I think it is worthwhile to post once in awhile. I am kind of old school and think I have to have something spectacular to report before I post anything. I know that that is not true. Besides, I DO have something spectacular to report.

I have found a fantastic producer and mentor, a very special human being who is helping me get my music to the masterpiece level. Although my music is pretty good, or so I have been told, it is not realy ready to pitch to music industry folks. My producer believes and I agree, that music is not ready until there are no emotional weak links, from the first note to the silence at the end. What are weak links? Places where the listener loses focus or is distracted from the emotional experience of the music. We are working to revise the best music in my catalog so that it is masterpiece quality; no emotional weak links.

Right now, we are focusing on those compositions that are closest to being ready by removing and fixing the emotional weak links. To start, we are producing new versions of my instrumentals, particularly solo piano pieces. We already have three fully produced, masterpiece quality pieces which we are shopping for sync licensing opportunities. Our plan is to have seven more pieces completed and ready to go by September, maybe sooner the way we are going! These ten solo piano pieces will be distributed as an album as well as singles.

In order to progress, I am learning my weak points and working to improve. For me, music theory has never been a strong point. Although I learned a lot of it years ago, I didn't seem to use it much so I mostly forgot about it. Thanks to my mentor, I have found how important music theory is and how much it can help me create music and get it into a useful form for production. I thought I knew a lot about music production, and I do, but as a mostly self-taught audio engineer and producer, there were some nagging gaps in my knowledge which hindered my progress. Now, I know what these gaps are and have developed a much more focused and efficient approach to my work.

So, basically I have returned to the proverbial “wood shed” to improve my production chops and am doing  much better music at a faster pace than ever before. I know that greater success is just around the corner and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Peace & Blessings


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