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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my web site. Glad you are here.

My latest production - Cloudless Sky - was just released on all major streaming and download platforms. I am so excited to have this song out there. I wrote it during a trip to Massachusetts in 2019, during that fondly remembered lead up to the pandemic. I was so blessed to be able to make that trip before the lock down began.

I visited many of the places that were significant in life. I drove by the schools I attended, the houses where I had lived and some of the places I worked. It was a trip down memory lane but also a time introspection inspired by those places that had held so much significance in my earlier years.

Lately, I have been experimenting with the various ways of marketing and distributing my music. As always, all of my music is available for listening and download on this web site. I also post videos regularly on my Face Book page about my work in the studio and my plans for new music. There are so many ways to get music out there these days, but also thousands of artists trying to do the same thing. I have tried some Live performances on Face Book but I find the experience lacking in so many ways, both for me and for fans. Yes, it may be better than nothing, but without a live audience, it is very hard for me to get into it.

Since live performance venues are still shut down here, licensing my music to film and TV productions has been my main avenue for earning money. But that is a tough egg to crack too. I have had a few small licensing successes but would really like a lot more. To do that, I am researching which productions need music and what kind they need. When I find a match possibility, I submit my music to the appropriate person if I can find an email address for them. I also submit music to music libraries which serve the film and TV business. I have had some success there too.

As the vaccinations ramp up, I am hopeful that we will see an end to the pandemic and all the suffering and isolation it has caused. Aside from feeling trapped at times, I have been fortunate to weather the virus well. I have had one vaccination so far and will be getting a second booster shot in a few weeks. I must say, it feels great to have a least some real defense against the virus.

My plan is to release a series of singles over the next few months and then a six-song EP. My fans will get early access to those songs here on my web site. Of course, I am working on new songs as well as producing new instrumentals. Lately, I seem to want to add vocals to my creations, so what would have been instrumentals are becoming songs. On the burner right now is a song about the pandemic lock down, a classic delta blues tune and a totally re-imagined version of the classic Over The Rainbow. I don't know why but that song has always made me feel like I could totally escape my life and go to a better place. Escapism has been a life theme for me since childhood.

Well, that's about it for now. Take care and be safe!

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