1. Cloudless Sky
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Cloudless Sky

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A powerful song about leaving the past behind and moving on to a better day.


Verse 1
I look ahead, I look behind
Memories that swallow all my time
Imagine a dream, imagine a day
When all my worries have gone away

There’s a place I like to go
Find an answer that soothes my soul
There’s no pain that’s left to hide
There’s no rain in a cloudless sky

Verse 2
Words of love, hearts of steel
Finding time that isn’t real
Hiding laughter, hiding tears
Falling backwards through the years


Verse 3
My world’s in ashes but I don’t cry
Love is forever, it can not die
Deep with sorrow, fills the rain
Beneath the surface, flows my pain


If we could sail across the sea
I’d take you all away with me
To a place where we belong
We’d find a way to get along