1. Blue Sunset
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Blue Sunset

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A song of longing, missing someone that you love. Hoping they are ok no matter where they are.


Blue Sunset
©2011, R. Ballard

Verse 1

Blue sunsets in my eyes
Red droplets form a smile
I’m still thinkin’ of you
Green grasses fade away
Bright leaves are turning gray
I’m still lookin’ for you


Through the passages of time
Down the hallway of my mind
Phantoms walk along with me
They don’t hardly say a word
They don’t want to be heard
They just keep me company

Verse 2

Blue sunsets in your eyes
Dark lighting ‘cross the sky
Are you still thinkin’ ‘bout me?
Light rises in the east
Stars fading at my feet
I’m still wonderin’ where you are

Bridge (repeat)

Verse 3

I’m sittin’ in the dark
Just prayin’ for a spark
A little light to show the way
The road beckons up ahead
Can't remember what you said
It’ time for me to move along