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Set My Heart Free
©2006 Bob Ballard

Verse 1:
Walkin’ down this old road
I’m not sure just where it goes
The last time I was through here
I thought I could hear
The sound of your voice in my ears

It’s a long, dark night
I can’t feel your light
Come on back to me
Set my heart free

Verse 2:
Ridin’ along in this train
Windows are running with rain
Lightin’ burns in my eyes
Wish I could cry
To help me pretend I’m alive

Send me a sign, toss me a line
I’m drownin’
Give me one more chance
Let me take this dance
With you


Verse 3
Sittin’ here on this old stone
Feelin’ like I’m all alone
Sunlight slippin’ away
Twilight hugs the bay
The wind sings a song I can’t play


Chorus: (repeat)