1. California
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©2005 Bob Ballard

Verse 1:
A boy of seventeen, had amazin’ dreams
Workin’ nights in the factory
When he was 21, his second son was born
Those dreams fell slowly into memory

California here I come
I’ve waited all my life for a chance to see my name in lights
I see what I’m livin’ for
I’m not waitin’ any more

Verse 2:
Thirty years flew by, somehow the memories
Survived, he heard them singing in his sleep
They told him not to cry, bout’ all the time he set
Aside, and filled his heart, with a melody


Dreams don’t really die, they smile somewhere inside
Waitin’ for the time when they can sing
When you hear their song, don’t make them wait for long
You opened up their door, now let it swing

Chorus: (Repeat)

California here I come