1. California
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©2005 Bob Ballard
Verse 1:
I try to hide my fear so that people hear
The music that flows through my mind
My song will never stop, no I can’t give up
I’m finally free to share my words today

California here I come
California here I come
I’ve waited all my life for a chance to see my name in lights
I’m not waitin’ any more
I know what I’m livin’ for

Verse 2:
I hear people say “you’re much too old to play”
“Your music is all from the past”
It’s all the same to me, it’s my heart that speaks
I listen and share what I hear


Even late at night, I don’t see the light
I keep on playing ‘til the dawn
Sometimes its hard to sleep, what words should I keep?
I’m wondering when I’ll get it right

Chorus: (Repeat)

California here I come