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Against The Tide
©2006, R. Ballard

Verse 1

You're drivin' away
Followin' the dust flyin' off your tires
The sun is cryin' in my face
I’m lost without you
Like a sparrow blowin’ in a storm
Fightin’ hard to find his way home


Openin' my door, I think I’ll see you there
Waitin' 'round for me in our old rockin' chair
While you’re away, I’ll push the pain aside
Hold it back, like a stone against the tide

Verse 2

Yesterday mornin'
Woke up with you in my dream
Felt your breath on my face
Stumblin’ to the shower
It’s so hard to face this day
Knowing you will soon be on your way

Verse 3

I hear your tires
Grindin’ gravel up the road
Your headlights bounce against the sky
While you're with me
Please don't talk about tomorrow
Before I know its today