Verse 1:

Let me know sometime today
When I can get ahold of you
Let me know that I can do something
Something good for you

Wave your hand and walk this way
Let me see you smile
Throw your arms around me
Stay with me awhile

Pre-Chorus 1:

If I knew anything at all
I’d share my life with you
Now that I know who you are
It’s ok for me to be

Someone you love
Someone you love
Someone you love

Verse 2:

Sometimes I hear them talkin’
But I don’t really care
I guess I’d rather listen
To emptiness and air

The way you’ve been for me today
Is someone I must know
The fear I feel inside me
Is somethin’ I let go

Pre-Chorus 2:

If you learn to see me
You’ll know just who I am
I’ll share with you my secrets
And I’ll come to be



Pre-Chorus 1