1. Without You
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Verse 1:
I tried to be your lover, tried to be your friend
Tried to be someone else not who I really am
I guess its no surprise I find myself alone
I gave up everything I owned
Our friends, our love, our home

Without you, without you, I struggle to be strong
Without you, without you, things keep going wrong
Without you, without you, morning never comes
Without you, without you, all my dreams are gone

Verse 2:
Don’t want to leave, but know I can’t stay
I built a wall between us, now it blocks my way
You tried to talk about it, I just turned away
I hid myself behind it, with nothing left to say
I’m leavin’ here today

Chorus (repeat)

Had to let you see the ugly part of me
A heart that’s cold and bare
Darkened stairs that lead no where
Knowing now what I knew then
I’d find a way to love you again
Feel your touch, your gentle smile
Eyes would meet and cry a while

Verse 3:
I said I would love you forever and a day
As soon as I said those words, I pushed you away
Lying here alone, in our cold and empty room
The place where I pretend to be your loving groom
It ended much too soon

Chorus (repeat 2x)