1. Locked Up
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Locked Up is a light-hearted, humorous look at living with the lock down. A personal story of isolation and near insanity that many can relate to, a situation that begs for a little levity. Here is a song that makes us smile, turning loneliness to laughter. Good medicine for us all.


Verse 1
Let me out, I can’t breathe
There’s something here that makes me sneeze
Something small that I can’t see
I think it’s time you get away from me

There’s no place that I can go
No one left that I don’t owe
I want to sing, I want to play
But I have nothing left to say

Locked up, in my house
Don’t know if I’ll ever get out
Found the door, my mask is on
Here’s comes another COVID marathon

Verse 2
I don’t remember how to drive
I hope I make it home alive
My bank account is running dry
But I don’t care cause I’m so high
I can’t watch another show
I can’t move this goddamn slow
Every day seems like a year
Someone get me another beer


I think we’ve all been changed
Nothing’s left that’s still the same
The world we knew has gone away
I hope we find a better way

Sax Solo

Chorus 2x