This song is about my experience of the Thomas Fire, the largest fire in California history at the time, which devastated our community and hundreds of thousands of acres.


Night Came Down
(c) R Ballard 2018

Verse 1
I didn’t know, how the wind would blow
When I drove away that sunny day
A sudden plea, a call to flee Flashing lights are blinding me

The night came down
It slid along the ground
It carried flames that circled round
The grass, the leaves are turning brown

Verse 2
Ashes fly, burn my eyes Blackened rooms, filled with gloom
Smoky air, no time to spare Sirens scream, I can’t stop this dream


Verse 3
Lost my way, I stopped to pray I searched the sky for reasons why
I couldn’t sleep, dawn didn’t greet
A morning gray, a dark display Bridge


It’s hard to know where the winds will blow
The world we see can’t really be It fades away in just one day Why it comes and goes, we’ll never know