1. Miracles


Verse 1
I didn’t know that you would come to find me
And I couldn’t hope that you would really touch me
For years at a time, I searched the world around me
For love and affection, a new found direction
The arms of protection, and you

A miracle comes true, when I’m with you
Never did I know, that I would love you so

Verse 2
A short time ago, we were lonely strangers
Now we share sweet dreams of wondrous joys and passions
I must be a fool for believing in your miracles
When you are beside me, your touch so excites me
Your eyes shine forever in me

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
We stand before the sea, a thousand smiles surround me
We walk across the sand, our hands command attention
Our hearts slowly burn with fire from the setting sun
The trees softly swaying, the grass slowly waving
As we go on craving, each other

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
I know it can’t be true, it seems to be forever
Since I met you, time has lost all meaning
The days never end, the nights are dark and frightening
But you will soon be with me, the breeze will sing of beauty
As we fall together, in love