Sync Summit LA 2024!

Bob & Mark

Wow! What an incredible conference it was! So many great people all working to help artists succeed. My tribe!

Mark Frieser did an incredible job, once again, putting it all together. Sync agents, publishers, tech wizards, songwriters, producers and artists all in one subterranean room beneath Sunset Blvd in the bowls of the El Cid. A unique experience that was filled with good vibes and optimism, rare commodities it seems these days.

For me, it was extra special. I finally met Mark in person and many of the great people who were in Mark's online courses with me over the last few years. We connected in a way that is only possible outside the bounds of a Zoom call. I also hung out with some great new friends and created new collaborative possibilities. I am very excited about what's next. This Sync Summit is sadly the last in-person event Mark will be doing, but a virtual version will continue. Mark has been at this for 12 years now, so he wants to devote his energy to other aspects of his business and career.

I wasn't going to attend. On the morning the conference began, flooding rains were underway and the experts were predicting a disastrous storm. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make the 3 hour drive to LA from out here in Palm Springs and would not be able to get back home. After I watched a couple of the opening virtual sessions, I was inspired to get to the summit come hell or high water, and I did! I am SO GLAD I gave up my excuses and did it. The experience was life-changing for me in many ways. Spending long hours alone in my studio tends to make me forget what leads to success - real relationships with real people.

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