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About a woman who lived in a shipping container in the storage yard where I used to have my stuff. She told me her story.


Heartbreak Home
©2012, R. Ballard

Verse 1
Living here in this metal box
Walls are burnin’, it’s so damn hot
I need some water, I’m out of food
But when I ask, they treat me like a fool

Come Sunday, they’ll throw me out of here
Lead me to a highway
Where I’ll find some tears
Say goodbye to my heartbreak hidin’ home

Verse 2
In the dark, I search for air
Crack the door, if I dare
Bright beams cut across my face
A man is here to seal my fate


Verse 3
Live a life that I can’t share
Live a lie that no one cares
Tell the truth, you know I’m near
Tell the world that I’m still here

Chorus (2x)