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  1. Virtual Romantacy
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Virtual Romantacy
©2007 Bob Ballard

Verse 1:
Found a girl on Match dot com
She’s so hot, she won’t last long
Sent a message late last night
Hope my email says it right

Lots of women waitin’ for me
In virtual romantacy
Match me up, my profile’s fine
Check me out and you’ll be mine

Verse 2:
I’m so excited, she answered me
She said to call at half past three
Her phone is ringin’, she’s not there
Another voice in satin underwear

Verse 3:
She called me back, I couldn’t speak
All my words were down too deep
Said she’d meet me at the mall
I couldn’t find her, she didn’t call


Whatever happened to those days
When love lived all around me
And friends were much easier to find
The girl I’m lookin’ for was right there on the corner
All I had to do was smile

Chorus: (Repeat)