1. All Night Long
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All Night Long
©2011, R. Ballard

Verse 1

Centuries have come and gone
We’ve been serfs since Babylon
The kings and queens of history
We made them great with desperate deeds
Wooden ships that crossed the seas
People chained in misery
They made us work, they made us bleed
We cried for love, we died for greed


All night long, we’ve been
Waitin’ a long night gone
All night long, we’ve been
Waitin’ all night long

Verse 2

Around the world the people march
Our spirits shine and shred the dark
Soldiers stare into our eyes
To stop the tears that they can’t hide
Anger, pity, doubt and pain
Carry us through walls of flames
Everywhere our voices rise
They fill the air and touch the sky


Verse 3

It’s time to sing another song
To heal the hurt and right the wrongs
Hold my hand and walk with me
We’ll break the chains and set us free
A world of love, a bright new day
The dying embers float away
Mother Earth has seen enough
She’s turning all their schemes to dust