Patriot, Insurrection, Capitol, Email:


Verse 1
I didn’t think that it could happen
At least not in this way
I thought they’d be an answer
Some enemy to slay
Instead I saw some actors
Selling us their parts
A cavalcade of cowards
Hatred in their hearts

I said I wouldn’t watch
I said I wouldn’t cry
I said I wouldn’t’ see
The day my country died
I said it couldn’t happen
The walls were way too high
I didn’t see no heroes
The day my country died

Verse 2
I stepped upon the polished stone
And looked up to the sky
The sparkling white rotunda
Was heaven in my eyes
The hallowed halls of power
The rows of empty chairs
The quiet of their cruelty
Is too loud to bear


Verse 3
Silencing our voices
Tragedy is truth
Blinded with this chaos
Broken and confused
Can we resurrect our country
Can we find a better day
Will we fight again for freedom
Or watch it slip away

Chorus (2x)