1. Ready To Love


Ready To Love
© 2014 Bob Ballard

Verse 1
The world I see is just a dream, nothing's there but what I want to be
Is me, its in my heart, waiting for a chance to send a spark
To you, in all you do, to bring my light to shine along with you
To see, to know the truth, the love of God has given me to you.

I’m ready to love you, ready to squeeze you in my arms
I’m ready to kiss you, ready to open up my heart

Verse 2
Your heart I see, is torn but true, it keeps a light that’s reaching out from
You to me, someplace inside, a place I know that I can’t seem to hide
From you, you feel it too, we shared these lives long before we knew
The way, the path is clear, we know why we hold each other dear


Laughin’ in the rain, cryin’ through the pain
Walkin’ by the sea, dancin’ in the breeze
Look at what we found, love is all around

Chorus (2 X)