This Is The Year! 

Happy New Year!

So far, the new year is off to a great start. The latest...


Just before Christmas, I performed at my favorite venue ever, the Joshua Tree Saloon. This is a one of a kind place and I treated it as such. From what I heard, I delivered a great performance. The crowd was awesome and so was the food. I love playing at places that feed me. I work up quite an appetite when I am on stage. I can't eat anything before I perform, but I make up for it afterward. They want me back, so I expect to be performing there again soon. Watch my Shows page for upcoming gigs. I'd love to see you there. Check out the videos on my Video page!


I am working hard to improve the quality of my recordings. Although I have been working at audio engineering for almost two decades now, it is apparent that I either missed or forgot a lot of stuff along the way. I have been studying with David Campos, an award-winning producer and engineer, for several months now, and I have really learned a lot. David has an amazing online presence with tons of videos that covers every aspect of music production from composition, to studio builds to mixing, master and lots more. He has been a godsend to me. If you listen to some of the music I have redone, like Retrospective or Silence, you will hear the difference compared to other music on my site. I am excited about taking my music to the next level!

Synch Licensing

I have been working for years to get my music placed in TV and film but have had limited success. Even when film folk like my music, they don't use it because they say the recordings are not high enough quality to drop into a production as is. To deal with that, I am working hard on my musical production chops as I mentioned above. I am also working with a music industry consultant from LA who is teaching me and my fellow students how to properly prepare and submit music to film and TV music supervisors and others who are responsible for finding music for the projects they are working on.. I am learning a lot about the film/TV music industry and getting an insider's view on how to get music licensed. This is a real hands on course and I am excited about all the opportunities it presents. It is a year long program, so I have a ways to go, but already I am learning to better focus my music and improve its marketability.

Well, that is about it for now. Just working hard trying to make it happen. Thanks for being here. I hope you enjoy the music!

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