About Time

Hi all!

Sorry I have been neglecting to post here. I have been so busy in the studio creating music, I hardly emerge at all. LOL!

I have been honing my music production skills for the last 18 months, working with a great instructor from South Africa. Reaching commercial production quality has been my challenge for a quite a few years now. I finally got tired of hearing how great my music is, but sorry, can't use it in production. I am determined to eliminate that criticism and I have finally succeeded. Doesn't mean everything I do is great, but at least it of sufficient quality to be considered commercial quality.

I know this because of the feedback I have been getting from real Hollywood music supervisors and other professionals. I have been learning how to prepare and pitch my music to real people in the business and am now in a position to really get my music out to people who make music buying decisions for TV shows, major films and other outlets. Hoping to get a placement soon.

So between the production quality upgrade and my new connections in the business, I have been really busy producing music in the studio. Part of the production quality upgrade has been my equipment. I recently upgraded my audio interface, monitors, software, computer and microphones. I have a final software glitch to resolve, then I will be recording vocals and acoustic guitar via high end microphones and pre-amps. I am sure everyone will notice the difference.

I just posted a new instrumental, "Blast Off", which you can hear on my Instrumental page of this web site. If you compare it to the production quality of my older stuff (at the bottom of the page), you will see what I mean. Soon, you won't be able to do that comparison because the old, not-quite-there material will retired.

I am also performing live at local venues like the Joshua Tree Saloon, so rehearsals are an important part of my studio time too. Keep an eye on my event postings to see where I will be performing next. I am also planning to launch some live mini-concerts direct from my studio via Facebook Live. Stay tuned for updates on these.

Anyway, back to work for me. Thanks for hanging out here with me.

Take care!


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