Update 2017

Hey there! Sorry I have been away for so long. One of the things I want to work on this year is improving this web site and the way that I use it. It can be a powerful communication device.

Recording Sessions

I have been working on reassembling my studio and am finally at the point where I can make really good quality recordings. With my new upgrades, acoustic instruments and vocals sound much, much better. In fact, things are sounding so good, I may not even need to use a commercial studio.

I have created several new instrumental pieces. Some are very delicate and beautiful, others are kick-ass and powerful. For the more delicate pieces, I am writing and recording live cello and violin. Just finished the cello parts on two pieces ("Retrospective" and "Leaving") and they sound amazing. Thank you Cameron Shubert for your extraordinary performances on these recordings. Next up is the violin recording. Once that is done, you will hear the result here on my Instrumental page. I expect that both of these pieces will find a home in an upcoming film or TV production.

Because the studio upgrades are working, I am also recording three of my original songs. At least initially, I plan to keep it simple, just acoustic guitar and vocals. But if it sounds like adding drums and other instruments fits, I'll do that too, perhaps as additional versions of the basic, no frills recordings.


Over the last months, I have been focusing on writing and recording, so I haven't performed much. I did a couple of local gigs that went over really well and am looking at booking more as the season progresses.

I plan to begin broadcasting live performances from my studio soon. I am assembling the additional gear I need to do this with professional grade quality so that everyone has the best experience of my music that I can provide. I am researching which live performance internet platforms are best and will select one this week. I plan to schedule my performances on a regular basis and will be performing new music that I haven't performed in public. Please stay tuned so you get this exclusive content.

Bye for now!


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