Goodbye 29 Palms

After more than a year of Monday night performances, I played for the last time. It was the longest continuous gig I have ever had. I can't say it was always easy for me to get to Twenty Nine Palms, CA, especially when I didn't have a car. However, thanks to the guidance of Spirit and the generosity of friends, I always made it on time and ready to play.

The 29 Palms Inn is a unique eclectic venue, a small restaurant which barely had room for me; I was jammed in a corner against the wall between the bar and an old piano, at least when I was inside. Most of the year, I performed outside on the far side of the pool, across from the patrons. The sun was often in my eyes and burned my skin until it set. Artist accommodation was not a management strong suit. The crowd was always polite and appreciative and I enjoyed performing for them. However, all things come to an end and it is time to give other local artists a shot at the "big time." LOL!

Adios mi amigos!


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